Serving quality healthcare in Carrollton, Texas.
Mission Statement

We make it our mission to provide quality patient-centered care to all families that entrust us with their health and wellness needs. Our team is dedicated to using our up-to-date knowledge on patient care, tools, and equipment, ensuring each patient that leaves our clinic can get the treatment and health management plan they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

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What You Should Know About Our Clinic

Ronald P Giometti Jr., MD., PA saw the demand for quality health care in Carrollton, Texas, and decided to establish a large family practice in 2003 along with three professional physician assistants. Now, he continues to work alongside his staff to ensure every family in the community has access to quality treatment, health screenings, and consultations. Dr. Giometti’s clinic provides a wide array of healthcare services, leveraging years of experience in family medicine, and knowledge on modern health care.

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